Happy Father's Day!

From Thanksgiving 2011

I want to wish a happy father's day to any men that may come across this page, and to any women a happy father's day to your dads/grandparents/husbands!

My dad has been absolutely the biggest inspiration in my life. I've never been particularly close with my mother so my dad has always been my #1 guy. He's not the most sensitive man in the world, and granted he often finds a way to say the wrong things, but he's always been there for me and is the only reason I'm able to live out my dreams at a NY university. He works two jobs with maybe one day off every other week just to keep me where I am, pay his bills, help my mom and brother out with their expenses, etc.

He's dedicated, driven, hardworking, golden-hearted, and encouraging. I'm so blessed to not only have a father but to have mine and to be able to look at him and know that I'm his daughter. I'm so proud of him and I thank God daily for blessing me with him.

Happy father's day, Frederick Michael!

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