Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 15

This is my last day linking up with Life of Love for the final day of the Fifteen Day Challenge! I've absolutely loved getting to know everyone through their blog posts and I hope that each person finds the utmost happiness in their real lives and blogging experiences :) Oscar was supposed to join us, but he apologizes - he's unable to come up with one of the many awesome compliments I've dished his way ;) Hehe, just kidding!

[Day 15]: What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Honestly, this one was probably the toughest of all of the prompts. Maybe it's supposed to be -- for like, a grand finale or something.

I've been blessed with a lot of wonderful people who've been generous and warm in their compliments to me. I've had adults tell me that they look up to me; friends tell me that they envy my [insert here]; and people telling me how proud they are of me. I grew up without a lot of consistent happiness, so all of these things have meant the world to me when they were said to me. It's been a compliment for these amazing people to enter into my life and choose to stay with me, through all of my idiosyncrasies and stubbornness. I love them all and so, it's been really hard to think about the ONE thing that blew my mind.

I kind of thought of two things.

The first, though it's hardly something to just bat an eyelash at, is that Noel had wanted to propose to me; had a ring on preorder and everything. I'll be the first to admit that although there's a sunny side to this egg, I can be quite rotten! Too pushy, too moody, too serious, too anal retentive -- too a lot of things. And for somebody to openly admit and pray to make me their partner for the rest of their life... well, that's pretty damn special to me. Even though we're no longer together, I'll never -not- remember him fondly. I can only hope that whatever we are or aren't supposed to be, God is with us.

From April 2011

The second is when I had a heart to heart with Charlie, my uncle. (He was married to my aunt lateeeee in the game, so it's difficult for me to call him Uncle Charlie usually.) One of the first times I really stayed there and began getting close to the family, it was the end of my eighth grade year. We'd had to write a memoir of sorts for English, and I had gotten my binder back. Charlie read it, wrote me a kind message in it, and proceeded to sit me down while my aunt watched in awe as this not-so-sensitive man poured his heart and destructive childhood and choices out to me. He told me how much reading everything I wrote meant to him - we shared abusive alcoholic parents - and how... not alone he felt after reading my words. It touched me beyond words, and my aunt was just sat near me crying at how open he was. He told me about things from his childhood, about things from the war, about his ambitions and hopes.. It was truly a blessing and amazing to be told that my writing could move a person in this way. This also occurred before his first and second car accidents before he became a very angry, bitter person... so this memory is that much more special.

From November 2009

Definitely amazing compliments.

3 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 15

  1. Charlie sounds like a man with a huge heart (and it's sad that he probably has some brain damage from those car accidents now that his personality is different). It sounds super nice of you though to remember that sweet memory.

    Thanks for participating, Elise! Remember to come back and enter the giveaway tomorrow!

  2. Wow- what an amazing experience to learn from someone like Charlie. You are blessed to always have that memory with him.

  3. I absolutely love reading your answers to these prompts, Elise! So glad that you've gotten into the blogging community <3


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