Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 4

Happy 4th of July everyone. Please take the time to honor and pray for all of the current, retired, and past soldiers who are fighting, did fight, and gave up their lives fighting for our freedom and our rights. I'm linking up again for the Fifteen Day Challenge over at Life of Love. I'll have another post later this evening!

[Day 4]: What is your favourite childhood memory?

Unfortunately this is the sad side of blogging for me - but please, no "omg I'm so sorry, poor you"s :). I didn't have a very lovely childhood - my mom was quite the angry alcoholic. But I do have one or two pretty nice memories with family members.

For one, my immediately family plus a family friend or two would always watch Sunday Night Football. We would sit around in the main family room on our oversized couch with the large TV in the corner. My dad would sit on arm of the couch in his Eagles jersey eating a buffalo chicken wing conversing with his then-best friend Rich or Larry, depending of who had joined us; my brother would be in his pajamas sitting next to my mom's best friends Tom or Alex, who unfortunately have both died way before their times; my mother (ironically) would be on the floor in her Cowboys jersey with a Bud Light next to her; and I would be sat on the floor with my mother, munching on pistachio peanuts. Those were the nights we as kids were able to stay up with the adults. Those were the nights before my mom's alcoholism absolutely tore everything apart. Those nights are very high in my memory because they represent such a great peace that was my childhood, before the icky parts, haha!

The other is with my great grandmother who passed nearly eleven years ago. I called her Mommom and we would always sit up in her room and eat chocolate ice cream while watching Jeopardy or Wheel Of Fortune. Sometimes I'd lay with her while she did word searches and pet my hair softly with her hand before fervently circling a word she had found. To this day, I am a BOSS at word searches. We have an extra credit assignment for math one year to do about 20 of those bad boys and I had so many people asking me for help, lol!

Happy day everyone ♥

4 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 4

  1. This is a touching post!


  2. This is very touching! I always felt those nights of being able to stay up late, and "breaking the rules", were some of the best.

  3. Aww... grandma's are the best!

  4. Chocolate ice cream and Jeopardy sounds like fantastic evenings! So glad you can be so grateful for the little things.

    Thank you for being wonderful and linking up!


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