High 5 For Friday!

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Unfortunately, I have a sleeping Oscar on my lap so I'm going to have to do this from my phone. Bear with me a little bit, as I won't be able to make this very pretty ;)

Five wonderful things from this week:

one. Oscar came to visit me again in Jersey until next Monday morning. He lives in Brooklyn, so he isn't far away, but it'll be the last time we see one another before school begins again. He's leaving to visit family in El Salvador from July 17-August 22. I'm really going to miss him and feel blessed that we could work out our differences from earlier in the week to enjoy one another's company.

two. The weather has been in the lower 90s in Jersey, thank God! I couldn't handle the massive heat wave we were receiving. I miss the coolness of Albany.

three. After Youth Group on Wednesday, I went to a friend's house for a Bon fire and it was so good. I was in an awful mood but being surrounded by all of the nice people in my life really lifted me up. Not to mention I got two hours of sleep before having to pick Oscar up at the station!

four. I recieved a letter from my friend Victor, who is undergoing boot camp for the Army at the moment. I can't wait to write him back; I miss him!

five. I'm alive :) this is always my fifth one.

One thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment. I like your number 5 the best. :)

    Lori @ liketheblueinthesky.blogspot.com


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