If You Really Knew Me...

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I've been seeing this type of post float around for a while.

Have any of you ever heard of Challenge Day? If not, click here.
I was involved my freshman year of high school.
That's the event that the MTV shows were based off of (if you really knew me,
cross the line, etc).
That day was life changing for me, and everyone who participated.
For even though many ended up reverting back to their old ways, for one day,
everyone in that room was a sibling, a friend, family.
So I'm going to do this post.
And it's a little heavy - I apologize for that :) I tried to keep it short!

.... You would know I find it hard to become close with people who drink.

.... You would know that I found out I wasn't ticklish when I was molested.

.... You would know that 9/10 times I spell the word "privilege" incorrectly.

.... You would know that I should have been a third child; my parents had an abortion.

.... You would know that I never wear rings because I nearly broke my finger wearing one
when I hit a girl in the face.

.... You would know that I'm a recovering Bulimia Type II victim.

.... You would know that I love people so much and have probably prayed for you at least once.

.... You would know that my hair's been every colour under the sun.

.... You would know that the growth of Oscar and I's relationship can be documented
through letters that we wrote to one another.

.... You would know that the university I attend was my safety school.

.... You would know that I love my dad probably more than anyone else.

.... You would know that I'm easily distracted by shiny things and love chasing bubbles.

.... You would know that I need to be shown that you care and that you love me.

.... You would know that I was teased a lot for my weight when I was younger.

.... You would know that I had an abusive alcoholic for a mother and raised myself.

.... You would know that I always have first aid items with me in case other people
get hurt.

.... You would know that I'm terrified of nursing homes and throwing up.

.... You would know that I started learning Italian because of a local pizzeria.

.... You would know that I love getting kisses on the cheek and forehead.

.... You would know that I'm a little obsessed with George Washington.

.... You would know that I feel self conscious about my skin.

.... You would know that I refuse to eat any yellow or lemon-flavored candy.

.... You would know that I'm incredibly loyal and trustworthy.

.... You would know that I frequently worry about my dad getting older.

.... You would know that I dance in sprinklers whenever I can.

.... You would know it took a long time but I'm proud of who I am.

3 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me...

  1. I hate that you have had some rough times. But I'm glad that you're such an amazing person despite it all. You should teach me Italian. =) I'm living in Italy and I still can't speak it.

  2. You are a beautiful soul, and I have been blessed to get to know you! This post is very very real. If only the rest of us could write that freely and honestly. <3

  3. Elise - I am so impressed and encouraged that you are able to share your heart and so sorry that you have had so many painful things in your life! so encouraging to others that you are so open. thank you for sharing.


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