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Lovely Little Things

Last week's Task:

Write ten things you are grateful for
Only ten!?!?!?!? Ugh. :) Okay. I tried to be less serious with it:


Skype & this boy. I love him. With so much of my being and so deeply with my soul. He has been my biggest support system and I tell him... everything. I'm "one of those girls," it seems. I like to kiss him on Skype. Even though I look like a monkey because I had to mumble "No, come closer, no, STOP," lol :)



This is my friend Alexandra/Alex/Allie over at This Journey of Journeys. We've gotten very close very quickly and I can truly say that God is good when I let him take over my friendships. She's an absolute sweetheart, a brilliant accountability partner, and a wonderful fellow Christian. We get excited over everything together lately, it seems, and it's so healthy. For both of us, I think. She has a wonderful life so if you're in for an interesting read, I'd definitely head over to her blog. She sings opera! And so young.


Many baby photos of me got destroyed in a basement flood. Basically it's as if my parents only had my older brother and not me. But my dad found a few of me when he went to the house today to sort some furniture, and I'm really thankful for this. It's not often I get to see little ol' me reppin' it from the crib. I wish I could still rock hats.


I'm blessed that I can go here. My dad gives 200% to make sure that I am able to stay in another state for university. I've met so many wonderful people here and I'm discovering so much about who I am in Christ, in my career path, and as a person. The tuition is a pain, but I'm so happy I attend this university. And to think if a friend hadn't been with me while I was deciding which college to send deposit to, I never would have gone here! The closer the days come to when I have to leave, the more excited I get.


Weird choice? I've been having a really rough two weeks outside of Bloggerville and these photos can generally get a giggle or to out of me. I have a very odd sense of humour and I can rarely find things that make me smile. So. I enjoy these quite a lot and I'm glad God gave us sarcasm and such.


Isn't it like, an unwritten rule not to blog about your menstrual cycle? -invisible eraser- Fret no longer, for I have done away with thee. Got mine early this week and this here magical drug above makes my life a thousand times better. Translation: Got mine early this week and this here magical drug above makes the lives of those around me a thousand times better.


I'm just so thankful that God's been gracing me with not only will and determination, but with perseverance and good health. I often can't exercise the way I'd like because of my bad knees and ankles. But this whole week and a half I've done so well with exercising and eating right. The toning up is NOTICEABLE. REALLY noticeable. And as I've struggled with bulimia for five years, it's really good for me to see healthy weight loss and improvement.


Do you see what I mean? He just gets me. And loves me for all my grammar Nazi imperfections.


This community. You're all lovely people. I thank every one of you who stops by to comment or who decides to stick around and follow. I feel blessed every single time. I made this blog for me to have a creative outlet, and I love how many of you I'm able to reach. Your private comments make just posting about my life so worth it in ways I don't understand. <3

6 thoughts on “Smell the Roses v. 1

  1. I actually said I love you because of the say yes to the dress thing you said prior to that, but I do love your grammar Nazi-ish ways and the fact that youre just the best gal EVERRRRRRR. <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Okay so that picture of you and the boy on skype is precious!! I just skyped for the first time tonight with my boy. You've given me a great idea. lol. And an accountability partner is clutch. Having someone else there for you to push you in your walk with Christ is amazing!

  3. You are adorable, sweet, lovely, and awesome!
    And what would we do with out our meds for cramps? Phew!
    You and Oscar are so cute :) I like the skype kiss!

  4. Hahah AMEN to Midol, girl...I feel you on that one for sure!
    I really love that passage from Joshua, too :)

    Thanks for linking up today, girl!

  5. It's good to know there are other grammar Nazi's out there!


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