Down Time

Hello, hello, hello ~
I've missed you all dearly.
I'm again at my University's Library.
Good news: I should have my laptop tomorrow.
If not, by Tuesday.

I'm so excited to get to know all of my new followers!
I'd love it if you could introduce yourselves :)
My giveaway for reaching100+ followers strictly via GFC
is on hold until I hear back from one other person participating in it.
(If you want to get in on it, click the "contact" button and let me
know! It's going to be up *hopefully* by the end of the weekend.)

How the hell are you?
I'm doing well.

Classes are in full swing.
So are my Lab hours.
I'm taking maximum amount of credits this semester.
IT'S a bit rough.
But I'm excited.
Unexcited because: Maria and Oscar aren't returning til Spring.
So I'm really just blah over it all.


My new roomie is nice but spends most of her time
with her boyfriend Mel, so I'm quite disconnected.
Oscar is leaving on Tuesday and then I'll be
consumed with school work, oh no!

(finger painting)

Tomorrow we're going to a picnic with one of the Christian groups
at Uni, and then to our school's opening football game.
Hoping that's lovely.
I don't really have too many photos for you lot!
That will come with my next post -- I'm not so camera happy this semester.

(Oh, P.S. -- Oscar officially asked me out ;)  )

I'm so attractive xOxOxO :P

2 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. Hi, I'm a reasonably new follower, who probably didn't introduce myself very well either.. I'm Kate a 20-something uni student from Australia.. who is waiting very impatiently for this winter to end and spring to start.. I am sick of wearing a coat every time I leave the house!
    Good luck with such a heavy course load this semester!

  2. YAYYYYYY! for Oscar finally asking you out! So happy for you!


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