University is Coming...

So, I want to take a moment to say welcome to all of the new followers coming from Kodi's blog.
I have a giveaway going on over there that you should all check out if you've been here a while :)
In addition, if you don't win that giveaway, fret not --
I'll be having another giveaway on my blog probably by this Sunday celebrating reaching 100+
followers strictly via GFC. Stay tuned for that!

On another note, I'm leaving tomorrow 3:30 am for uni.
I will also be seeing Oscar for the first time in nearly two months.
SO -- I probably won't have a post up until Sunday.
Please stick around and venture with me into my *God willing* second-to-last
year at university :)

Much love and blessings your way!

2 thoughts on “University is Coming...

  1. So glad to see your followers going up!!:) Thank you so much for sponsoring me this month:)

  2. i'm kinda sad that summer is almost over, but also excited that school is about to start once again. i hope you have a great year at uni! :D

    p.s. i really like your blog! :)

    <3, Mimi
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