Guess I Got My Laptop Back

Three points to anyone who knows
what Dubstep I parodied.

Oh no!
I've been so inactive and have lost two followers.
So sad.

I finally got my laptop this afternoon.
After oh, IDK a month and a week of waiting?
I'm working on forgiving the situation.
I need to read GodLife's recent prayer letter.

How are you all doing?

I'm overwhelmed and happy.
That weekend I had?
Was super stressful.
Got kicked out of my boyfriend's home
and everything over miscommunication.
But I'm good after that.

What's been consuming my time?
Classes, mostly.
Lab hours, too.
Youth groups and campus activities.
Community service. OH.
And *gasp* going to pledge for a fraternity.
Anyone who knows me knows I'm 5000%
anti-Greek Life, but they're co-ed and do
a crapload of community service because -drumroll-
they're an international community service frat!

But now that I've got my lap top,
you can expect more regular posting and pictures
that you've been missing out on :)

For tonight, I'll leave you with:

(The spot where boy asked me out. <3 p="p"> 

One thoughts on “Guess I Got My Laptop Back

  1. I've missed you! Hope you are doing well. Glad you got your laptop back :]


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