Suicide Awareness Day

I've lost people.
Have you?
No? You're blessed.
Yes? I feel for you.

Pray for those who hav left us prematurely.
Pray for those who have ever had the thought.
Pray for those who feel lonely, hurt, betrayed, unloved.

Shower them in love.
In smiles.
In friendship.
In praise.

Remember and don't forget.
If you're struggling, reach out.
Please don't withdraw.
Don't internalize that negativity.
It will eat you alive.
You're worth it.
SO much more worth it.
And you're beautiful.
Talk to somebody, please.
Talk to me if you want.
I'm a stranger but I have training in intervention.
And I have real life experiences to boot.
I want to help you if I can.
Sometimes it's better not talking to people you know.
Easier, really, not so much better.

From somebody who used to hate herself - it gets better.
From somebody who controlled her pain through self mutilation - it gets better.
From somebody who could have -accidentally- died through medication - it gets better.
From somebody who let her eating disorder control her life - it gets better.
From somebody who hated her life and everyone around her for making it that way - it gets better.
I promise.

And for those who aren't struggling?
Reach out, too.
There are people who need you.
God calls us to love.
So love. Don't be selfish.

Save a life.

This is a video from 2008.
It's not all encompassing, but it's heartbreaking.

2 thoughts on “Suicide Awareness Day

  1. I wish I could've shown this to my brothers best friend. He shot himself back in 98. We still miss him dearly.

    Wonderful post.

  2. It's crazy to see all those photos, where most of them look so happy and know that it was probably just a show, but at the same time, I can understand it. I've been there. Only three years ago, I HATED my life. I hated the people in it. I just wanted a way out. Suicide wasn't an option because I couldn't be that selfish and I knew things would get better, but the thought definitely did cross my mind.

    It really does get better!
    There are always going to be storms in our life, but we are here to watch them pass by.


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