Sometimes, You Just Need Some Time

I like to refrain from saying things like "Sometimes you just need girl time." It's the whole feminist mystique I have going there. Just kidding. But really, most of my "girl time" is spent with men anyway.

But sometimes, you just need some time with friends. My oldest friend G and I have spent a lot of time rekindling our friendship over the past month and tonight was a great addition to that. We spent some time with my father, where we went to the Berlin Mart and JCPenney to pick up an order I had.

But after that, we headed out to a local Chinese buffet to enjoy some non-healthy living and hot tea. We ended up staying for quite some time just laughing, sharing stories, and having a heart to heart. It was so nice to have somebody to just let everything out to; we both needed that!Then we came back to do a round of P90X, which my wrists are screaming from. (I'll take carpal tunnel for 600, Bob.) But it was a much, much needed night and I loved it. :)

(This isn't from today, but it's from like two days ago after Insanity. Close enough?)

What kind of things do you do on your girls/boys night? Give me some ideas!

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