"Quaint" Is the Word!

Yesterday my parents, Oscar, and I took a trip to Smithsville, NJ. It's only about ten minutes from Absecon, which is located close to Atlantic City for anyone unfamiliar. It's a really cute little place! Everything was quite pricey - on average items were 18.00! A bit too steep for my cheap butt. But it was a beautiful time to spend with my loved ones.

It was a tad odd for me seeing my parents kiss and such as they've been separated the last five years of my life. But I guess that's God's way of testing my comfortability. Wouldn't be the first time! My mom's word of the day was 'quaint' - everything was quaint to her. My dad and I got a pretty good kick out of it.

Oh! I plan on doing a big "get to know me" post. Very soon :)

This reminded me of my friend Jake from YG. I thought it was cute.

My favourite band :)

Oscar at the river.

Loved this. God is everywhere <3

Wasn't sure his breed so I called him Tuck - a turkey-duck!

I literally said "Come on buddy, pose!" So he did!

I'm a little too obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and loved this place.

He looks quite odd but Oscar and I settled at home :)
I was sick all the night for whatever reason :(

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