Memory Lane

Today is Wednesday, which for me means it's Youth Group. This time Oscar (he's atheist) is coming with me to re-meet everyone that he met the last time he stayed in New Jersey. It's going to be at the Cunningham's house, which is always a loving environment, and it's a pool part/goodbye to graduates/message.

It brings me back, honestly. Last year the same kind of party was thrown for Jake, Amanda, and myself because we were leaving the nest. It's so crazy to think that it's been a year since I was anxiously but tearfully getting ready to leave for New York. I'd never have guessed how much my life would have changed!

I'm so excited for Mark, Victor (going into the military), Jenny, and Ashley. I'm closest with the girls, but each individual has a special place in my heart. They're all going on to better things and they're all going to glorify God in the process. It's been amazing watching them grow as people and I'm going to miss their faces.

I know it might get tiring with like, more than half of my posts mentioning God and Christianity. But hey - I'm talking very specifically about some Christian lovelies :)

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