2O in Twenty

Linking up with Erin tonight before I begin my Skype date with Oscar from El Salvador. ♥
Edit: This was written mostly last night before my lap top crashed and couldn't post it, lollll.

I'm going to do age twenty. My birthday is in like, four months so.
That'd be kind of self-defeating.

Twenty things I want to accomplish in the age of twenty.

  • Be officially dating Oscar. Yup. We're just oneness. No title.

  • Complete my second year at university, hopefully having a better grip on my majors.
  • Have my name published in a book. Which I will; I edited my friend's novel and it should be getting released in a few months.
  • Talk with God before making friendship decisions. I've had three years of choosing bad people. I'm not going to God first, and I really need to.
  • Get better at writing people texts, letters, and emails back. I -suck- at it while I'm at uni. And one of my friends is in boot camp right now so I really can't be crap at being a faraway friend.

  • Exercise at least three times a week. I'm going to have a JAM PACKED schedule as soon as I leave for the school year, so I really need to be mindful of my physical health.
  • Get another big girl job. Mind you, not that I'll have time to or anything. But education isn't free.
  • Learn and apply both my family's and my friends' love languages. They're incredibly important to learn, and I'm slowly realizing some of my relatives' languages. I want to really get in depth with these so I can have healthier, more genuine, more loving relationships. If you're unfamiliar with love languages, please message me. I'd love to clue you in.

  • Go out dancing. I never get to go out anymore and it's really annoying. Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I can't have a good time, right? Right. I'd love to go somewhere with my roommate, but as she was injured in an accident, I don't know if her knee is up for it. Maybe just out to a salsa club with Noel.
  • Go with my Youth Group again to serve Christmas dinner and care packages at homeless shelters in Camden and Philadelphia.
  • Pick up writing to soldiers again via Soldiers' Angels. You can check out the link here. Everyone needs support. And it means that much more to me that Victor is overseas and one day I could touch one of his comrades with love.
  • Start and continue to progress through my Bible study with Alex. We've been getting really close via text message/emails, and we decided to become accountability partners and work through a Bible study. She's entering her first year at university, and I'm entering one of my busiest, but I think we both need this and I think we both can do this.
  • Incorporate more salads, fruits, and nuts into my diet. I used to be so boss with this and fell off. The past week I've been great at it, and I definitely feel how healthy I'm being. Yesterday I had a crappy food day and I'm feeling it today. Luckily my university has an abundance of the first two. Oh. Probably veggies too. Hm.. #veganwhohatesvegetables

  • Start taking vitamins and drinking protein shakes. I'll be the first to admit that being a vegan means you need to work a little bit for the nutrients you aren't recieving. Frankly, I haven't been caring for two years and that's bad because I'm very in-tuned with how neglected and pissed off my body feels. I really need to start getting vitamin D.
  • Be more organized. I'm obsessed with planners and I currently have two. But I'm the girl who likes to make lists rather than do them. I was the girl who everyone thought was soooo organized in high school when really I was just good at working under pressure and thinking on my feet. Organized? Please - I had one notebook and folder for every class. One for eight classes - not eight for eight classes. I'm serious about organization this year, though. No more last-minute stress. I need to plan my life like I used to. I took the term "give it up to God" too seriously.

The teddy was a gift. Hush.
  • Have more one-on-one roommate time. This is more of something Maria and I have to agree on, but we really don't spend time together like we should and I definitely think it would a) strengthen our relationship b) help us not to get aggravated at each other so quicly (namely me getting mad at her) and c) strengthen her walk in Christ.
FB says these are from December but I feel like they're from November
... They def are. Maria is late with a lot of things, LOL.

  • Complete a few DIY projects. I've always been a creative person but I just never have resources. I'm determined to start them now. Especially after being a follower of this blog and this blog - I love all of their little crafts. Oh, and this website. I want to make the shoe hangers. Maria and I've regular routine at university:

    Me/Maria: I have my green sandal and your black boot.
    Me/Maria: Check under your bed for mine and I'll look in my closet for yours.
    Me/Maria: -swap item- We really need to do something about this.
    Me/Maria: -never do-
  • Have at least $400 put away for books for next semester.
  • Make out in a movie theatre. Didn't mean to steal yours Erin - it's been a goal for a while. Been like, a year since I done did dat shiz. Back row, empty row, all the way.
  • Thirty day beauty challenge. Once a day for a month I want to hone in on something about me that is beautiful, physically, emotionally, or mentally. We need to appreciate ourselves and I truly don't know how to do that. My friend told me to make this a link-up on Blogger when I eventually did it, but I don't know.

8 thoughts on “2O in Twenty

  1. These are great goals, Elise. I really admire your relationship with God. Also, if you do decide to make out in a theater, please sit on the back row or be in an empty theater. I almost kicked a woman (who was like 40 mind you) who was making out with her bf/husband right in front of me the other week. Ain't nobody wanna see that!! haha

  2. Thanks for the invite to your blog. I'm your newest follower.

    I think this is a great list and I agree with Whitney...PDA should be limited to the back row only. :-)

  3. I am list girl too! There is something wonderful about crossing things OFF the list...but when do I actually do that? sigh...
    PDA in a movie theatre isn't half as bad as texting thru the whole movie, or getting up every 20 minutes and stepping on people...geez.
    I love your 20 though! Maybe I should do a 19 when 19?

  4. This is a great list! I'd like to accomplish a lot of these as well.

  5. Hey Elise! I'm really enjoying your blog.
    This post reminded me that I wrote some goals on my birthday that I haven't looked at since...then.
    Good look with yours and I hope you are able to accomplish all that you wish to. :]


  6. Elise,

    Thanks so much for visiting Life Beyond the Picket Fence! I did have a list here, but posted it on a different day


    I love reading that in your list are important things like spending time in the Word with the important people in your life. It's foundational to have that bond be what ties significant relationships together!

    If you get the chance to scan my list, it's there! Thanks also for the tips - I'm not sure I know how to access everyone's email directly, not everyone has it linked to their profile. But I'm willing to learn! If I'm missing something, feel free to email me at yoderbl@gmail.com.

  7. I definitely feel healthier when I'm paying attention to eating mostly fruits and vegetables--it's great if you can keep up on those. The problem for me is because there's no unnatural preservatives it means grocery shopping frequently. Which isn't my favorite thing to do. :P Great goals!


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