Cute JAVOEDGE Clutch? JK - Here's a Way to Save

So I'm pretty sure we all have seen the JAVOEdge craze.
They have incredibly cute clutches that hold your hold, credit cards, and iPhone.
And they're petite.
I don't personally love lugging around huge bags anymore.
That was high school for me - I've evolved (or downgraded) into a draw-string bag gal.

I'm a broke college student.
I for-see a crap load of debt in my future.
Do I have $28.95 for a clutch? Nope.
Do I have $24.95 with either Aunie or Erin's discounts? Nope.
So I had an old Fashion Bug (ew) gift card that I needed to use,
and LO AND BEHOLD something similar in five colours:

There are only three slots for cards, but there's still a small pocket for money.
Plus, my only important cards are ID, debit card, and health insurance card.
So those are what I'm gonna take, yup.
(I'm only going to Youth Group right now though.)

Which honestly, you could use for cards if you needed to.
And it fits an iPhone! And protects it a little bit.
How much? Currently on-sale online for $9.99, I believe.
Originally only $12.99.
Comes in green, blue, pink, black, and yellow.
The green is actually a lot more pea-green than it looks, lighting is weird.

But yes - similar for about twenty dollars cheaper!
Elise is a happy thrifter :)

One thoughts on “Cute JAVOEDGE Clutch? JK - Here's a Way to Save

  1. WOW that is awesome!! I love it.


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