Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I really wish you were more eventful and contained more food for me to eat. Not that you're a bad day, but you're not seeming to give me any wonderful promises for the upcoming week. Can you try to schedule in a Health Food store trip so that I don't have to chew gum as a way to fill my stomach?

Dear iPhone, please keep vibrating whenever Oscar texts me from his dad's phone. You've been acting up lately and not letting me know when I've received a message; I don't really appreciate it because you should know how regularly I tear up over missing him.

Dear Self, I would enjoy it if you would stop forgetting how to spell words.

Dear Above Photo, please stop staring at me. It's uncomfortable.

Dear General Tso's Tofu, I wish I had you in my stomach. But alas, you are expensive and fattening and I do not need you in my life.


Dear UA, please begin your semester sooner. I really miss being surrounded by my lovely New Yorkers. I really miss being able to see people and do things whenever I want to. I really miss having a busy schedule and being so stressed that I don't know what to do with myself.

Dear Followers, I'm sorry for all of the posts. I have nothing to do this evening, LOL. Also, check here for a giveaway if you're interested in Pinterest!

4 thoughts on “Dear Monday

  1. Haha the picture is creepy. And I don't know if I could turn down that food. Yum!

  2. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well! xo

  3. Sometimes my iPhone doesn't vibrate when I get a text either. It is very annoying, especially because it seems to always be buzzing for something else.


  4. Interesting and funny post! I love that tofu dish! I wish I know how to cook tofu properly :(

    I have started a new link-up at my blog. It'll mean so much if you join me! :) Kindly go to the link:

    jen @


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