Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 3

Linking up at Life of Love for day three of the Fifteen Day Challenge :)

[Day 3]: Tell us about an article of clothing you are attached to

I don't usually get attached to clothing - it's mostly jewelry that captures me. But when I really think about it, any of my t-shirts from my high school - from Prom, Teen PEP, Mr. Highland, Student Council, Transition, etc - mean a whole helluva lot to me. I don't have many photos of those, though, so I decided to go with something that I'll never, ever, ever throw away.

(The second one was after we spent a good five hours dancing, so excuse how awful we both look.)

My prom dress. I know it sounds cliche but if you really get to know me, you'll understand how much I don't care about formal events. How I was forced to go to my eighth grade dance and forced to go to homecoming my junior year; how, as his girlfriend, I told Noel to go to junior prom with somebody else; how I hate getting all dolled up because it just isn't me.

But my prom dress symbolizes a huge chapter in my life that I will always hold onto. High school was amazing experience for me. I met wonderful people, was introduced to lasting friendships with teachers, became the determined leader that I am, fell in love for the first time, became a Christian, etc. Everything about high school is embedded so deeply into my heart. My prom dress reminds me of the best night and week of my life that I spent with Noel. Although we are no longer dating, I know he is my soul mate - at least, one of them, as I believe God gives us multiple soul mates for different purposes - and everything about prom and prom weekend made that clearer.


4 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 3

  1. I love that you're so attached to your prom dress! I don't even know where mine is, so I don't feel similarly, but I love that it's the best night of your life with Noel. So sweet!

    1. Thank you :) My friends find it odd, as Noel and I broke up in January, but it will always be the most memorable night for me. ♥

  2. Very sweet. Funny how a piece of clothing can hold so much meaning even when you think it's the last item of any sort you would get attached to.

  3. Aww that's so sweet...I think I was over my prom dress the day after I wore it. I'm not that fond of it anymore..but I guess it was "me" at that time in my life and I should appreciate it more.

    Great choice :D


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