Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 6

Please forgive the look of this post! My computer is down so I'm blogging from my iPhone. Let me tell you - not easy!! I'll fix this later. Linking up with Sar at for another day of the challenge!

[DAY 6]: What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't? Why not?

There is so much I could say to this! I can cheat and write a few things, right? Right!

1 - I want to finish and publish my own novel. I know it sounds so cliche, but it's something I've wanted for a loooooong time. I have a terrible time completing anything after an accident a few years ago where my computer crashe and I lost 300 typed pages of a story. Traumatic ! Lol. So now I'm really yearning to get this done before I'm 25. I just need to finish ideas.

2 - Visit Croatia. I still have relatives over there that I've never been able to meet. I can't go yet obviously because I don't have the finances, and also because they speak no English.

3 - Go scuba diving. Weird? Haha. I just think it'd be awesome. Or swim with dolphins. Again, no money or opportunity. But I hope that I can do this one day. I've had friends who've done it and absolutely loved it.

4 - Get my doctorate in Social Psychology. Still have many years in school to go!!

6 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 6

  1. I'm an aspiring writer too--I can just imagine how traumatic that would be! That's why my Mom always warns me: back everything up. Email your stories to yourself, back up your computer on an external hard drive, stuff like that. Never have only one copy. I don't update my back up copies as often as I should though...
    I hope you finish that novel! The publishing world is brutal--I'm still hoping to find an agent or publisher.

    1. I know! I learned that the hard way, haha. Now I think I save things far too often. Good luck yourself! :)

  2. Scuba diving? Sounds awesome!

    What type of social psych do you want to do? I did social research in college (but not in grad school), although we have a social psych PhD track here and I know a ton of people in it!

    1. I'm still trying to figure it out. There are a realm of possibilities. I know I want to do field research, and I have a notebook of experiments I'd like to conduct one day, but I'm not sure where I want to end up!

  3. What a great list. I know I have had to write from my iPhone and I sent the wrong thing out. Yikes. Love it that you want to write a novel. WritersTip: research everything while looking for an agent(after you write your novel). If that's your route. The best way is check out their blogs and find out what to do verses not to do. It's a tough business but also very rewarding. Good Luck with your goals!!!

  4. I'd like to publish a novel as well!
    I write alot on my blog, and sometimes poems.
    I really need to work on my novel(:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Found you through Whispering Sweet Nothings.

    Mind checking out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi?
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    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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