Jobless, Oh No!

I'm having such a hard time being jobless this summer. I receieved word on my financial aid from school and they're offering me $800 less per year - which in all retrospect isn't bad compared to what could have happened, but it's still an extra $100 for every payment of tuition.

I worry about my dad. He'll be 52 next January and he works two jobs. My mom said she'd start contributing to help, which is awesome, but my dad is so stressed all of the time.

I really hope God helps me out.

In the mean time, I've been applying to things on I was really excited about a petsitting job but it closed after I sent my application in so the woman must have found somebody already. It's hard not having a car and being able to physically get to some of these locations! I even tried some in Albany for when I go back in the Fall.

I really hope that I can manage a job at school. I didn't qualify for work-study apparently so it'll be tougher getting something going for me. I'm just praying really hard about everything and I'd appreciate any additional prayers! I'm so discouraged.

On the bright side, I finished editing my friend Gabbie's first book! I'm so happy for her. It was definitely a challenge to maintain another writer's style so completely; a whole three hundred pages is a LOT more trying than just a few pages of an essay! She said I should expect $350-400 for my work, which will really help with groceries and books. It's the first book in a series of about six so that'll be nice little additions when she gets them going for the next few years.

She also keeps insisting that I speak to her publisher, so I might. I used to love writing so much but always had trouble finishing things, and lately God has really been putting it on my heart to write again. Possibly Christian novels. We'll see. A family friend published his own book so I might speak to him as well.

5 thoughts on “Jobless, Oh No!

  1. Do you normally rent or buy your books? Once I started renting my books, I was saving upwards of $200 each semester. Chegg is an awesome place to rent books. I would LOVE to edit a book. I've really gotten interested in working for a publishing company. I love reading your blog. <3 Your layout looks AMAZING.

    1. I usually rent them. I'll try Chegg. I bought one of my books on amazon for $25 and my book store wanted $125.

      I'm REALLY getting into editing! I might look more into it in college. It's such a passion now. & thank you lovebug, not like yours though ♥

  2. Money has always been my biggest stressor! And it continues to be. Definitely keep applying to jobs on I landed a really awesome nanny position when I lived in LA, and I loved it. You never know what may come of your application. Keep trying!

    1. Thank you! It makes me feel more encouraged when I hear that people have had success with that site. I'll keep up.

  3. I hear you! I am about to head off to school, and only have a partial scholarship. Financial aid decided to only give me a loan..... but God WILL provide. We just gotta lean on Him :)


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