Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 8

Linking up at Life of Love for day eight :) This one was a bit challenging for me to do, as it's hard for me to compliment myself. But I tried to give myself at least 5 for the good column!

[Day 8]: Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself. 

The Good
- I'm self-motivated. I don't need a huge push or a lot of praise to get myself going and to get something done. I get inspired really easily and it definitely helps me with school work. I love challenges.
- I excel at English studies, whether I like to admit it or not. I'm usually quite negative about my work at first but after a while I can see the strength in my writing.
- I'm a really good listener and effective communicator. Everyone - friends and enemies alike - come to me for advice and when they need somebody to talk to. I love that I can be this person for others, and it serves a guilty pleasure of mine because I love learning about people! People usually tell me that I have a way with words and that makes me really happy.
- I think quickly on my feet. I'm incredibly resourceful and can usually come up with a plan BCDE if plan A isn't going accordingly; I can also usually figure things out quickly.
- My diet! I love that I'm a vegan. I feel great about my health, my morals, and that I'm not participating in the inhumane slaughtering of thousandsmillions of animals.
- I have a photographic memory. It comes in handy all of the time and I daily bless the Lord that he gave me such a gift for memory.
- I generally always go out of my way to make others happy. Whether it's praying with them, writing them a card, taking them to lunch - whatever, I'll do it.

The Bad
- I have a lot of pride. Oscar and I fight a lot because neither of us will budge with our opinions. I have zero problem admitting I'm wrong and apologizing... but sometimes my pride tells me that I shouldn't have to do either of those things first.
- I cannot take a compliment in real life. I hate when people call me pretty and beautiful and intelligent, etc - it's not that I hate everything about myself, I just don't know how to accept the nice words and believe them.
- I get incredibly offended by racist, sexist, etc jokes. I just don't find them necessary or funny... actually, I don't find hardly ANYTHING funny ever - I have such a dry sense of humour.
- I'm honest. Brutally, sometimes.

The Ugly
- I hold grudges. A lot. I know it's poisonous for the soul, but I can't help it. I remember everything and daily I struggle to let go of the things that I keep hoarded inside.
- I have quite the temper when I'm provoked. And the fact that I'm Italian just does not help.

5 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 8

  1. It's hard for me to take a compliment, too. But I don't think being offended by offensive jokes is bad. I think it shows humanity and kindness.

  2. I need your self-motivation...just a small dose of it...that will be part of my ugly i am so unmotivated it is just...SAD, really.

    I'm the same way, though, when it comes to listening to others. Have always had people share what they're going through with me.

  3. English was always my worst or most difficult subject in school! Good for you for enjoying it! Hahaha I love that you relate holding grudged to being Italian.

  4. Photographic memory? You're amazing! I wish I had that.

    I totally agree with the offensive jokes. I like humor better when everybody is happy and nobody is getting seriously made fun of.

  5. The Italian comment was funny! I also cannot take a compliment in real life- it makes me uncomfortable. being self-motivated is a great quality!


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