Just Admit It Monday

Well nerves woke me up, as I saw my roommate had been in a car accident the other night. So those of you that pray, please do. She seems shaken up :( Anywho, this is another link-up but with You're My Favourite Today. Mine will be -rather- boring, as I've only completed my first year.

Just Admit It:
Things You Did at College

I admit...
As much as I tell my younger friends to study, study, study in college, I usually waited until the last minute to study for things... aka I was more "study" than "study, study, study." EVEN THOUGH Psychology tells me this is ineffective - but a photographic memory grants laziness sometimes. As much as an overachiever I was in high school, I so -wasn't- this past year in college. I plan on changing that this year.... I hope...

One of the few times we tried group study... Yeah, it resulted
in the great Sticky War of 2011   L-R: Maria, Isaac, Bryan.
I admit...
There were days I spent way too much socializing when I could have been a) studying and/or b) making time for my (now ex)boyfriend Noel. I regret it a lot; sometimes I'd stop texting him because I was trying to do homework and stuff and then would end up just talking to everyone. But we had a lot of great nights together! And had amazing conversations that latest into the deep hours of the night, where we'd eventually be woken up by a fire alarm from drunk campusmates. I had to save these people quite a few times - to injuries, to hiding the smell of weed (I regret this), to picking one or two of them up while they were drunk (she knows who she is, lol)... Mhm, Mommy Elise right here.

Maria showing off her base skills L-R: Me,
Oscar, Kiana, and Maria on bottom.

L-R: Kyle, Bryan, Stanley, me, Jomar

I would show ya'll a huge picture with nearly everyone,
but Jomar lost a pair and unfriended me on facebook, LOL,
and it was his photo originally. (No, we never fought.)

I admit...
I got a lot closer to one of my friends from home while I was away, because when we were together I could never rely on her to make time for me. Even now that I'm home for the summer, I don't see her anymore. But at college, we're constantly on the phone with each other. (And most of my friends from home in general I got a lot less close with. One of the sad things about going away.) But I'm thankful for getting closer to my one friend because she became my rock during the end of my relationship with Noel.  Mandee has such a big heart and I know we'll just continue to get closer even if it means we'll be far away :)

I admit...
I'm a stronger feminist because of college. I found a calling of mine, and I'm so excited to have Women's Studies as my minor! I'm also thrilled to be teaching Feminisms.

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