God Repairs with Patience

I first wanted to say a big hello to all of the new followers :) Thank you for signing on in my journey through possibly the most important years of my life! I posted my 50th post earlier today and I was really excited about it. Oh, this post was on its way anyway, but I'm going to link-up at Whispering Sweet Nothings for it as well!

I'm sitting in my room with Oscar while an old (to me) episode of Chopped is on in front of us. We're waiting for Chinese food to get delivered - yes I know it's unhealthy - and I'm at such peace right now. For those who didn't really see or care for my rants, Oscar and I got into a pretty big fight Saturday-Tuesday so I was really nervous about seeing him. But I prayed about it and talked to God, and he totally repaired my faith in my relationship with Oscar and my faith in my Lord. I'm really excited to see where our weekend takes us.

Warning: A little gross. I'm a little bummed because I have an ulcer on the inner part of my lip and it was right where my lip ring goes through. My brother had a few cold sores from getting sick at jail, and used my tooth paste and mouth wash without telling me - so yeah, I'm NOT a happy camper! And I had to take my lip ring out and I feel quite naked. /endwarning

I get to spend my weekend with this... LOL! :)

His heart is more beautiful than his smile.

I tried to smile, despite feeling naked! :)

Have a wonderful night and God bless <3

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  1. Love your blog button design :)

    Visiting via the Weekend Wanderings Blog Hop :)



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