Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 12

Linking up with Life of Love for day twelve! I cannot believe there are only three days left.

[Day 12]: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

I'm looking forward to going back to school.
I'm looking forward to being one step closer to graduating and to being involved at my university.
I'm looking forward to healing my relationships.
I'm looking forward to getting in shape.
I'm looking forward to being so stressed out that I don't have time to think, only to thrive under the pressure. I'm looking forward to growing in Christ.
I'm looking forward to seeing my brother and mother continue their paths of sobriety and to hopefully (for Joe, at least) to find the Lord.
I'm looking forward to possibly making things official with Oscar if that's in God's plan, and if it isn't, to hold onto him for as long as I can.
I'm looking forward to turning twenty, even though I'msonotlookingforwardtothis.
I'm looking forward to making mistakes, finding small accomplishments to be proud of, and trying out new things.
I'm looking forward to looking forward! Living life for all that it's got to offer me in the next six months of my life; I can only pray that God leads me to great things and opens my eyes and heart to what I need to continue to grow. <3

6 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 12

  1. Twenty isn't so bad...I've survived nearly a year of being twenty! :P But I still did like my age whenever it ended in -teen.

  2. Twenty isn't bad at all!! You'll love it! :)
    I love this list! Soooo many great things.

  3. Wow! You're still so young! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  4. Twenty is great! And I think 30s are even better. :)

    I enjoyed reading you list!

  5. What are you studying when you go back to school? That's so exciting - I think given the choice I'd go back to school and study some more instead of working - unfortunately it's the money that causes the problem.
    I need to get in shape too - I'm a bit of a couch potato and would rather read a book or watch TV then go for a walk!

    Turning twenty isn't scary - I promise - I did it 6 years ago :)

    My Post

  6. You're darling. I wish I was turning 20. ;)
    You have some remarkable things coming up and I pray you embrace it all. xoxo


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