The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Another Round

Incorporating Color

The Good about my week:

I got to spend some time with my family and Amanda/her family (which is my second family, for sure).

I also spent time with Bruce and Noel, two of my favourite boys, so that was really nice.

I received a SUPER kind private message from this blog that I will be responding to after my appointment.

I finished editing Gabbie's book which was such an awesome feeling and got inspiration to start writing again.

I finally have a dentist appointment! I've been complaining since May about my teeth.

Two people on Food Network Star went home the past two Sundays that should have left ages ago and I'm happy my favourites (all except one) have made it so far. #gushgushgush

The Bad about my week:

I got hurt at my gym on faulty work out equipment. My legs are still killing me; those scratches and such and now really ugly, ugly, ugly bumps and bruises. And it was a lot worse than the lighting on my photo shows!

Oscar and I haven't spoken for going on two days. We "fought" because I didn't tell him I missed him. I think he severely overreacted - you should see the texts - but my friend told me that there is a difference between being as honest as I am and returning a gesture so that I don't hurt somebody. I guess she's right but IDK. I hate lying when it comes to my emotions, you know? If we don't patch things up soon, I'm not going to ask my dad to worry about Thursday, which is when we're supposed to be picking him up from Trenton to spend a few days with me before he leaves for El Salvador for the rest of the summer. This will both infuriate me and break my heart. I received a letter from him a few days ago (it was written much before the fight but received two hours after we argued) and it made me smile a lot.

The Ugly about my week:

To throw some personal business out there, my brother was in jail for a week last week. Well, the water at the jail was contaminated so they shut it off the remaining three days he was there. Now he's home and incredibly ill -- strep throat on top of bronchitis, lower back and "male part" pains, fevers between 101-104, he can't really eat anything, etc. My brother does NOT cry and he's been a hot mess, especially since he can't take pain medication because it could potentially read as a false-positive on a drug test. It's breaking my heart. He also wanted to go to church with me yesterday (my brother told me three weeks ago that God is a myth, so this was A HUGE DEAL) but instead spent the whole day throwing up and taking a trip to the ER. Pray for him please, if you do!

2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Another Round

  1. Getting hurt while exercising ouch, They look painful.
    I hope your brother gets better soon, how awful.
    I like how you did this about the week.

  2. Hope your brother gets well soon - being sick is awful, but how great that he's expressed an interest in going to church! :)


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