I Don't Like the Dentist

... but probably not for the reasons most people do. I don't like going to the dentist because my gums always massively bleed when I get cleanings and it freaks me out to see so much blood on the gloves (gag), and because

my dentists look like pedophiles.

Is that absolutely horrible? Bad Christian. But seriously. They're very uncomfortable people to be around. I've always been so creeped out and have dreaded going to the dentist; not sure who is the creepier one, the wife or the husband.

I went today and was fine for the most part. I'm both a dentist's worst nightmare and trip to paradise. I'm incredibly cooperative with whatever they need me to go; open my mouth as wide as I can for them to do their job; and I rarely complain because I've got incredible pain tolerance. Bu I do have a tiny mouth so for a grown man to stick his fingers in there to examine my teeth... no easy feat.

The good news? Well, I got a new tooth brush.

The bad news? I have four cavities (I had five but got the lone bugger on my right side taken care of) on my left side to deal with. And my wisdom teeth (if you've been with me a bit, you'll remember a few complaints about my one bothering me) are impacted. For those unsavvy with dental work, it means there's ZERO room in my mouth for them to come in. And I feel the lower right teeth being pressured to shift because the one is coming in at an odd angle. So this means I have to get put under and have them all removed.


4 thoughts on “I Don't Like the Dentist

  1. My dentist and I mutually fired each other this spring. He wants to steal all my money and I prefer to keep it. I'll think good thoughts for you when you get them removed. :)

    1. Haha that's one way to do it. Thank you! ♥

  2. It's definitely a week for teeth - I had my first visit to the dentist since moving to Spain this week, but it still sounds more 'fun' than your creepy husband and wife duo! I miss my childhood dentist - he was ace! I wanted to fly him over, I should get him to stop by you too ;)

    1. I miss my childhood dentist, too! Can't remember who he was, but I remember never feeling a thing when he did my teeth. Sweet! Do that :)


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