Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 10

Linking up with Life of Love for day ten :)

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment?

This one feels like a total cop-out for me. Believe me when I tell you... I don't get embarrassed! I really, truly don't. There are moments when I'm like, "Well that was awkward." But nothing really gets under my skin and makes me flush in the face.

Upon reallllllllly thinking about it, I came up with two moments that are potentially two of my more uncomfortable ones:

- When I was younger, I used to sleep over my mom's friend's house a lot because she lived across the street from me. (I actually had to ask my brother and we discussed her name because it's been so long since I've seen her!) Aunt Chris as we called her used to let me sleep over her house a lot and then one day she moved pretty far away. The first day I slept over her new house, I got lost in the backyard. It was huge and all of the yards were connected to one another - and all of the back doors looked the same. I walked into one home but was surprised to find how differently everything looked - and that there was a young man speaking to me. I was SO confused! And frightened. Then I walked to the front door to see Chris's daughters outside and realized that I was in the wrong apartment. A woman came downstairs yelling, asking who I was, so I quickly apologized and ran to the right apartment. Never slept over there again! Can't say it was embarrassing but it definitely made me uncomfortable.

- Recently in Fall 2011 for my second-to-final exam in Psychology, my professor gave the same directions that he did every time. He said that when we were done bringing our exams to the front, we were free to go. Fine. I'm a quick test taker, so I finished my exam, turned it in, and began to head out. He then calls out telling nobody to leave just yet and I stand there - in the middle of the stairway, the first one done, everyone looking at me because I'm the odd ball out. It was really awkward with all of those eyes on me, and really my professor just repeated the same directions again. Another student finished and then he said that we could now leave. Like... what was the point in making me stand there for three minutes awkwardly by myself? Geez.

4 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 10

  1. That's such a weird story regarding your Psych exam! I wonder why you couldn't leave until someone else finished?

  2. Yeah, those are definitely some awkward moments!

  3. Wow awkward on the exam! I would have felt so uncomfortable as well!

  4. Love that you got lost in the backyard. I would totally do something like that.



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