Ouchies, what a harsh word!

I love working out. Love it.
My favourite? Probably Cindy Whitmarsh.
Jillian Michaels is really cool, and her Shred workouts definitely kicked my butt back into shape a few years ago.
But abs are my favourite thing to work (as evident from the accumulating but beautiful flab on my legs),
and since I'm a broke broke broke college student, I settle for free things.


Well, is a great place to find things for free. But it only has three of
Cindy Whitmarsh's exercises. Those are really great - try them! - but it's not enough for me.
So I paid $1.99 on my card for amazon's video rental library thing.
I got three of her workouts for seven days and I plan to get the rest but...

I think I'm doing something illegal?
What I do is I record my workouts on my iPhone, using the Voice option.
Similar to a non-smart phone recording a sound, I guess.
My photographic memory and general routine luckily plants the visuals in my head,
but Cindy is great with explaining her workouts so you really don't need all of that.
I've had the workouts from hulu recorded -- it's better, no ads --
and now I'm recording the ones from amazon so I have them.

Is this wrong or.. no? Lol. I'm doing it for my own benefit but aren't I technically
ripping off Cindy Whitmarsh? I don't know.

One thoughts on “Illegal?

  1. I mean its probably technically illegal, but I am not going to tattle on you! ;) I totally understand what it means to be a broke college student! ;)


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