Michael Phelps *SPOILER*

Michael Phelps.


Swimming holds a dear place in my heart.
I managed for two years in high school.
Got to keep time, got to announce diving, got to tally up points and record times.
All while watching the then-love of my life Noel swim his races.
Nice memories.

Michael Phelps.
SO STOKED that he finally got a gold while simultaneously becoming the most decorated Olympian ever.
He's an awesome athlete.

I'm so disappointed that le Clos beat him out by .05 of a second.
Michael came in too leisurely.
Pisssssed me off.
I was literally on the edge of my bed screaming at him.
To no avail.
Boys never listen.

But as disappointing as that was to watch greatness tarnish a bit,
his accomplishments are amazing and I still think he should be proud in his retirement.


4 thoughts on “Michael Phelps *SPOILER*

  1. It would have been awesome to watch him as the beast he was four years ago, but unfortunately, that's just not who he is anymore. Personally, I don't think any of the new athletes this round are all that great, especially for gymnastics...though I haven't seen women's yet. Maybe my opinion is wrong though or there will be someone great still to come.

  2. An article I read put it perfectly: last Olympics was about perfection, this one is about making history. I would have loved to see him sweep all his races, but I'm still so proud of him as a swimmer and as an American.

  3. Yay, a fellow Olympic lover :) I was SURE Michael was going to win the gold in that race...he glided in instead of going for it! Bummed.

    But, my mom pointed out that le Clos told Michael that he loves him after the race was over. Prob looks up to him in a way. How cute!

    Love your blog.

  4. Hi Elsie,

    Stopping by from My Beautiful, Crazy Life. Dig your blog! I'm your newest follower :)




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