Shh, shh -- It's OK.

It's OK.....

... That anyone and everyone who mentions Chick Fil A on my news feed gets kicked off of it.

... That I told my ex I loved him tonight, because he's still my best friend,
and I knew how I did and didn't mean it.

... That I send Oscar recordings of me singing horribly to Colbie Caillat songs.

... That I'm super duper awkward when I record myself talking.

... That it was gross out and so I couldn't participate in day one of the #photoaday challenge.

... That I had too much bread today (yesterday?), because I can make up for it tomorrow.

... That I have the bladder of a pregnant woman. Or ninety-year-old.

... That I question the boundaries of love (I'm writing a post about this soon!)

... That I'm both excited and unsettled about leaving for uni in less than a month.

... That I'm letting God control my financial and friend instabilities.

... That I just saw a preview for Rogue River and I'm like WHAT.

... That my baseball team traded two of our best players for nothing.

Just kidding. That last one is not okay. ;)

6 thoughts on “Shh, shh -- It's OK.

  1. found you through the my beautiful, crazy life blog hop and now follow!

  2. So, I'm doing the photo a day challenge thing too and today when I practically forced the boyfriend to go outside to take a walk with me so I could get an outside picture, I realized it didn't have to be "outside" it could be outside of anything. Like...outside of a box. Just a suggestion. :]
    Also, it doesn't have to be nice outside to take a picture of outside.

  3. Hehe, you and your baseball obsession.
    I'm excited and unsettled about leaving too! The date just keeps getting closer and quickly- eee!
    That e-card is ridiculously

  4. aww. its okay to tell your x you still love him. hopefully it all works out for you darlin'. super cute blog by the way! if you'd like to stop by mine I'm having a giveaway with a few fun things I think you'd like! have a great th!

  5. All of the above, totally okay and totally beautiful!

    Sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

  6. I like the simplicity of this post! Continuing to allow God to take over these areas of your lives is a good process and will bring peace to your heart and mind. Blessings!


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