Sit Back and Relax

Hi, this is my friend Gabbie and I.
Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to view my  
little blog area :)

I think this little hop deserves some sort of post dedication. It's all about one of the best things we can do as busy human beings -- relaxing! How do you relax? These are some of my ways.

I watch piggies get oatmeal.
Because seriously - what's cuter than that?

I sit around discussing life at bonfires.
Nothing better than that.

I try to enjoy the beauty in foreign films.
No subtitles allowed.

I exercise like I'm being paid to.
Working on mah fitness.

I colour.

And many, many more things. I hope you decide to follow and stick around, but even if you don't - have an amazing night! xx

2 thoughts on “Sit Back and Relax

  1. I love kicking back in front of a fire with friends as relaxation. It creates such a snug atmosphere.

  2. Thanks for linking up with us and the Sit and Relax hop and for posting the button! You rock. Good job at the gym. I could do almost nothing and my triceps would scream at me! I'm on my way to the gym, now! Have a great weekend


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