It's OK Thursday

Hey guys! Im on my phone so I apologize for the look of this! I'm linking up with Neely for It's OK Thursday. This won't be very bright and colorful as I normally would like things. Love me anyway :3?

Oh, and a Blog Hop.

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

It's OK.......

That I'm awake at 7:30 when I shouldn't be up until 8:30.

That my friend's sister is snoring like a bear.

That I had wayyyy too much food yesterday.

That I'm blogging instead of sleeping.

That I cried when Oscar (love) called from El Salvador yesterday.

That I didn't really care when a friend said se missed me, because she always says it but never makes an effort to see me.

That my new glasses make me look librarianesque.

That I still don't like plums except for the skin.

That somebody is in the bathroom even though I've really got to pee.

That my baseball team is sucking this year.

That I watched Steve Wilkoa yesterday and ate marshmallow candy.

That I tried to count how many of these I had and then forgot.

That even when I try to lose I beat Gabbie in games by hundreds of points.

That somebody on DrawSomething hits on me (actually.. It's not.)

That I want a sugar glider. Now.

6 thoughts on “It's OK Thursday

  1. Girl, preach! That part about a friend saying she misses you but never makes an effort.... yeah. Been there, done that, and I'm over it!

  2. Definitely all okay! Besides the somebody in the bathroom part, that's the worst! ha!

  3. LOL i want to get hit on on drawsomething! I'd love to hear that story :P

    stop by and say hi sometime!

  4. I enjoyed reading this and yes it's ok!!! Newest follower via blog hop! Would love if you would follow back!?

  5. I love posts like this! They explain life to a tee!

    I found you on the blog hop :)

  6. Hi! I found you through the It's Ok Thursdays blog hop! I look forward to reading more! Come on by and check out my blog! I would appreciate the follow back! Have a great day!


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