Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday, ladies and gents!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and view my little corner of the web :)
I'm linking up at Sunday Social and answering a few choice questions to entertain the masses. 

This Week's Q and A

1. What is your dream job?

I find this to be a really difficult question. I have ambitions in life, and I have a career path that I'm gradually climbing towards. But there are so many things in my life, career-wise, that I'd love to have included! I'd love to be a writer with a few published books. I'd love to be a vegan cafe owner. I'd love to do some missionary work. I'd love to edit for a magazine or edit in general, because I'm realizing what a huge passion of mine it is. But when it really comes down to it, I'd going for my doctorate in Social Psychology. In the long run, I want to work at the Renfrew rehabilitation facility for men and women who suffer from eating disorders.

Because I want them to know they are enough.
Because I want them to know they are so beautiful.
Because I want them to know there is life after struggle.
Because I want them to know you shouldn't fear food or the scale. 

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work for money, what would you do with your time?

I would still work. I'd rather make my own income and use the money I won for more charitable causes. Sure, I probably wouldn't work all of the time, but the line of work I want to get into moves my heart and no amount of money can satiate the passions I have. If I wasn't able to work as much, I'd definitely get missionary work in and travel to help those around the country. (And maybe travel a bit for myself, meet some relatives in Croatia, you know. I'd definitely learn how to sew professionally.)

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a writer. Always, always, always a writer.

4. What piece of career advice would you give to somebody just starting out in your field?

I'm still in school myself. So to a little kid just starting school: take it seriously, make it memorable, live to live for more.

5. Biggest pet peeves - life, blogging, or work related?

I could honestly write a book about all of my pet peeves in any of those categories! So I'll just share a few of my biggest pet peeves lately:

  • When people chew their food loudly, with their mouths open, or right by my ear.
  • When people try to insinuate that me being a vegan is Biblically incorrect - seriously, I want to smack a bitch.
  •  When people bump you in line and then turn around and glare as if they didn't just bull doze you to get to the Trident gum section.
  • The Res Life (residential life - they cover dorming and such) at my school's inefficiency

6. Biggest fears?

In this order:

Nursing Homes
(just finding a photo freaked me out)

Loved ones traveling on planes

(I had to go on clip art for these last two)


21 thoughts on “Sunday Social

  1. Bugs scare the crap out of me! I can take blood, vomit, screaming, tears, dirt, most anything. Bugs make my skin crawl; especially in movies when they're bigger and scarier.
    And since when does what you eat mean you aren't a Christian? Good golly!!

  2. Biblically incorrect?!? What?! People actually say that? There is war, murder, and hatred in the world and people are worried about how Godly your diet is?! lol I can't help but laugh. That is ridiculous.

  3. Ummm.....why is it that lately, if someone does not agree with the way someone else lives their life, it is "biblically incorrect?" That term is becoming overused in my book. So glad I found you tonight!
    Have a great week!

  4. Your answers blew me away! I love that you would still work, AND that you'd like to pursue Social Psychology. Major props to you, love!

    Check out my Sunday Social here!

    Keep Shining,

  5. Social Psychology, that is impressive and awesome!

    Veganisim is "Biblically Incorrect"?? Stupid.

  6. i love editing, so much!

    have a great weekend! come say hello at

  7. How in the world is being a vegan Biblicially incorrect?
    people are so ignorant. WOW
    I would love to know more about social psychology that sounds awesome.

  8. Spiders and ticks are so disgusting, especially ticks! It's like they're little mini vampiers trying to suck all your blood! YUCK!

  9. Very Cute Blog!!

    I hate They scare me!

    New follower


  10. I absolutely hate bugs! I vacuum my house so many times behind things & on top of things just to make sure my house stays bug free & if one of them gets into my house, I make my husband spray all the doors and windows inside & out for bugs! Ha!


  11. love your number 1! i'm an ed survivor too :) i went to remuda ranch

    xo brie

  12. I always thought it would be really fun to write a book. I just don't think I could ever find something to write so much about.

  13. Oh wow, nursing homes freak me out as well!! AND gross! We had to have our yard bombed for ticks this year because it was soooo bad, I wouldn't even let my little one play outside until I was sure they were gone! Have a great Sunday :)

  14. I was confused about people saying veganism is biblically incorrect. People have really said that!? That is kind of hilarious. I mean it's NOT, of course, but geez! People make the Bible say whatever they want it to say. And that is coming from a Christian girl. But i have never thought veganism is wrong!

  15. Your blog is very cute! I found you through the blog hop!

    I am a fellow non meat eater, student and hater of spiders!

    Brittany Michelle

  16. Your blog is so interesting! Found you through Sunday Social! New follower!

  17. I agree to the spider part. Spiders having me screaming & running the other way! & I too cannot stand for food to be chewed with mouths open! I do not by no means need to see it once it has entered someones mouth!

  18. Ticks are the worst. I found one on my husband a few summers ago and thought I was going to die...there was gagging and screaming involved...and it was on HIM.

  19. wow...I'm an eating disorder survivor...twice! Bulimia in High School and Anorexia about 6 years ago. It's hard not to go back to those old habits when you have gained as much weight as I did when I quit smoking...but I'm gonna do it up healthy this time!

    I'm your newest FOLLOWER!
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  20. Nursing homes are sad. Sometimes my husband I visit his grandmother, and it's just so depressing.

  21. You know? I DESPISE when I can hear people chew, and you know the biggest culprit I know? My husband. It drives me BATTY! I have to have music/TV on when we eat together, so I don't hear him and snap, lol. A+ wife skills there, my friend.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog with Sunday Social. I hope to see you again, sometime!
    Megan @


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