The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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The Good

Oscar messaged me last night on FB (Ugly: I fell asleep twenty minutes prior to. I knew I should have turned my volume up.) to let me know that he got to his dad's safely - and a day early - and that he will contact me tomorrow... which is now today! I'm so excited to talk to him. I miss hearing his voice.

As I gushed briefly about yesterday, Justin won Food Network Star last night. So ecstatic and so proud. It was so funny watching his Twitter followers increase by 2,000 every time I refreshed his page. (No, I wasn't creeping - I just noticed the massive follower jump and got intrigued.)

I spent a lot of time with Gabbie. She's the closest female friend at home that I have at the moment and it was so nice spending a lot of time with her this past week.

The Bad

I'm really sore from standing around and walking miles at Six Flags on Saturday. It's already Monday - my body needs to get over itself. I need to get my fitness on; also, my body made me miss church on Sunday and I am not a happy kid.

(Tired, hurting, and gross. Yup, that's me RN.)

The Ugly

My dad lost one of his jobs. He applied to Nordstrom in the Cherry Hill mall and they replied to him within three hours of his application, so fingers crossed and prayers, guys! It's going to be a bit of a driving hike for him if he gets it.

One thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  1. I hope that job works out for your dad, that'd be so great to have employment so soon after losing a job! Sounds like you had a fun weekend - thanks for linking up with us!

    Happy Monday!


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