What's in my Bag?

Linking up with Chanel & Chocolate Cake for "What's In My Bag?"

My normal things aren't in here because I forgot a ton of things at home, or they're in the bathroom, as well as my "I'm-going-to-somewhere-nice" bag, but you'll all have to put with my things here. :)

1 - My life-line, my partner in crime - my iPhone.
2 - An iPod for the gym (not mine), with Bose headphones that are amazing and too much money for me to be throwing around loosely in my bag.
3 - My wallet. I have so many unused gift cards and such. I was supposed to have a dentist appointment this morning - S.M.I.L.E. - but I'm not home for that so... yay!
4 - My large makeup bag, consisting of several containers of eye shadow, foundation, eye liner, mascara, sharpeners, tweezers, and face moisturizers.
5 - My ID card, keys, and key-chain for university and for home.
6 - A Primal Strips vegan beef jerky in case I get a little snacky. And of course, my Pikachu  knapsack ;)

Currently missing (that I can think of): Deodorant, Victoria's Secret body spray, my iPod, sunglasses, PLANNER UGH I MISS IT, and hand lotion.

What's in your bag?

3 thoughts on “What's in my Bag?

  1. I need to start carrying snacks in my purse. I always think about it, but I never remember to do it.

  2. Thanks for linking up! I always forget snacks and die literally half-way through the day.

  3. Visiting from the link up! I used to always keep a 100 calorie pack in my purse (to keep from getting "hangry"), but I've gotten out of the habit...maybe I'll go back to it. Your blog is so cute!


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