I apparently won a few giveaways, and had NO idea that Rafflecopter
was going to my AOL email address (I never check it - only use it for facebook),
because I always specify my personal email address.

And now I'm pretty sure what I won was given to others.
Because obviously I didn't respond - I didn't know to check AOL.
Yay for those girls, but I'm -super- bummed. :(

4 thoughts on “Sad

  1. So sorry that happened, girlfriend! *hug*

  2. Awwe. That sucks. I'm sorry, Elise!

  3. I actually just won something last week.... the girl who was running the give away emailed me at my regular email address & not the one I use for blogger... which I found ODD because I KNOW I wrote in the specific email address & linked up through my blog and all that fun stuff that goes into doing a raffle. Not sure how she got my other one, to be honest....

    I'm bummed for you!

  4. well.. that really stinks. I hate when that happens. ):


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