Several Years of Packing... Boring post, Honestly.

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I mean in all retrospect it's lame,
but I'd rather have people following who want to read.
So I'm happy that person skadaddled.

Anyway, point of post.

The next several years of my life will consist of packing.
I think the weirdest thing about university is that I have to pack to come home.
Then pack again to return.
I feel like I'm a piece dust, just moseying on along to wherever God places me.
Which really isn't a bad thing but it makes me feel disconnected.

That's what I have packed so far.
The last two are things I need to pack (minus the bottom shelf, plus the pink hoodie).
You may not be able to see, but there's hella shoes down there.
Not to mention I have to do a whole load of laundry and pack that.
And when I get to university, I have a 42 Sq. Ft storage unit to unpack.
I want to go to doctoral level in psychology.
So for the next several years, I'll be doing this unpacking crap.
Then hopefully I'll be able to settle in an apartment for a few years.

But Lordy Lordy this can be quite tiring.
This is a boring post but it's my blog and I can blog about what I want.
-triumphant fist-

But I truly am excited for school to begin.
And as of now I have a new roommate (won't know about Maria until like, two weeks from now)
and I'm hoping good things happen with that.
Keep me in your prayers <3 p="p">

One thoughts on “Several Years of Packing... Boring post, Honestly.

  1. Packing is the pits. I remember feeling like I was constantly packing during university. Was not a good time, ahha, mostly because I'm lazy.

    whenever I lose a follower, in my head, I'm like "well eff you, too."

    makes me feel a whole lot better!


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