Amusing August

Chasing Birdies

What are your guilty pleasures?

Hi there! I'm Elise :) Thank you for stopping by from the Hop if you are, and for stopping by in general in you're one of my lovely followers. If you're just visiting, take some time to look around - I hope you stay!

So can I tell you that it took me very recently to learn what a "guilty pleasure" was? I always heard it and understood it, but I never made the connection to what it meant for me, lol. I'm still kind of figuring these out for myself, but here goes! :) More so things that make me giddy and probably shouldn't:

Being a picture-ruiner and catching others off guard.
Yes, I am that person who will catch you hideous mid-sneeze face.

Babies in distress.
Okay it's horrible, but seriously -- how FUNNY is it when a baby gets stuck
on a couch and can't reach the floor? (I helped her after this, btw.)

Winning stuffed animals.
I'm pretty sure I should have grown up by now but it still excites me.

Steve Wilkos.
Hey, it's better than JS and Maury.

Lottery tickets.
I'm a secret on-occasion gambler. I love Bingo and crossword.

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4 thoughts on “Amusing August

  1. Babies in distress!!! HAHAH that is awesome. LOL

  2. hahaahahaahah at the babies in distress. You're a funny one, my friend.

  3. haha I love that you are a picture-ruiner! New follower through this hop! :)

    Southern Glamourista

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE your answers!! Thanks for linking up!:)


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