So I know I said there would be a giveaway...

But I wanted to see if anyone wanted to participate/contribute to make it bigger, first.
So instead of a 100th post giveaway -- which I'm now past anyway --
I'll do the typical 100 follower giveaway.

Technically we're there with GFC & Bloglovin.
But I'd rather just do it via GFC so I know there aren't duplicates.


If you want to contribute to the giveaway, click my
"contact" tab and just let me know what you'd like to

Hello all my new lovelies, by the way.
I see you chicas -- high five!

This is pretty much a cop-out post.
But I wanted to share something I find awkward.

Why is this awkward?

a) My ex, who hates my current, and my current, who wishes my ex didn't hate him,
liking the same photo.

b) I date closet nerds.

Mostly for a though.
I mean, it's only Facebook.
But still.

Kisses, have a wonderful night :)

2 thoughts on “So I know I said there would be a giveaway...

  1. I want to help make the giveaway bigger!

    and I do find the whole them liking the same picture thing kind of awkward. Maybe your ex doesn't like him because they are too similar or something?

  2. That is super duper awkward... but it's okay, cause I'm a nerd too! So you don't just date nerds, your friends are nerds too :)


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