Sunday Social

Sunday Social
All about the younger years! :)

1. What were you like in Middle School/HS?(pictures)

Oh gosh. You're not allowed to see middle school photos. But here are a few from high school.

I was incredibly driven. Incredibly into high school and threw myself whole heartedly into things. The first photo shows me in softball uniform -- I found out freshman year I wasn't able to play because of my knees so I just kept book for four years. The second is from early senior year with my Teen Pep partner Ronnie during Spirit Week. The third is with my high school sweetheart (broke up this past January). The fourth is me working on Student Council things. I was that overachiever in high school. I was that friendly, bubbly girl who you only got to know if you chipped away at the serious, let's-go! exterior. I was loyal, I was tough, I was stressed. I love high school me. I found who I was meant to be! And I became a Christian, which was monumental in itself.

2. What were your favorite past times?

As a kid, I loved coloring, getting into dirt and such with my brother, baking, and going to my mom's friend's farm to play with the animals and work with the horses. I was big on tea time with stuffed animals, too, LOL.

3. What songs were you obsessed with?(Backstreet Boys anyone?)

Thank God I was never into boy bands. The Beatles have always been my #1. As a younger girl, I did love B Spears and Simple Plan, though. Middle school, My Chemical Romance was my shit. I went to shows a lot too. I think it's so radical from who I am now. I still enjoy all that music (minus Britney), like Sherwood and Mayday Parade and Monty Are I and such, but I usually listen to Christian music now.

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?

From childhood, Velcro pants and shoes. Like, wtf was up with that? From middle school - I wore all black. All the time. Always hoodies. Chains. The lot. I cringe more because I didn't explore my options - I let my clothes hide who I didn't want to be. I wore Tripp pants ALL the time.

5. Who was your celeb crush?

Hm. As a kid I loved JC from.. NSync? I think that's him. And then I was in love with John Stamos and Johnny Depp. And through it all - this one has endured - I fell in loveeeee with Christian Bale. For his acting and his beauty.

Like... seriously? *drool*

6. What were your favorite tv shows/movies?

Hmm. I had a brother. Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho.. Yeah. That sums it up. Tellytubbies and Barney frightened me as a kid so I usually stuck to the news. OH. Nickelodeon was boss.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Social

  1. Hi Elise, glad to have found your blog via the Sunday Social. I hope you'll visit mine, Three 31, and say hello. I admire your personality, spunk, and authenticity. I think we need more "too Liberal" Christians to balance the others out! Happy Sunday and have a blessed day.

    Nicole @ Three 31

  2. Happy Sunday Social! I love your answers and the trip pants! I cringe when i think of my gothy/grunge wear from my teen years lol it's like really? really? i wore that?

  3. Happy Sunday!

    I had forgotten those pants existed.. I used to see them being worn by people all the time but never saw them for sale anywhere so I was always puzzled by them!!

    I became a Christian during high school too. I think high school really is about finding yourself and I am so glad I found my faith when I did!

    I've got two brothers so it didn't matter what I wanted to watch, it was all about Pokemon for them, so it was just easier to give in and learn to like it.. I still know the first two portions of the Pokemon rap.. so lame!

  4. Oh my! I begged my mom for a pair of Tripp pants allllllllll the time... but they came out when I was 24 and a new mom sooo, it was a big no no for me! I did however go to the Warped Tour in St. Pete and see My Chemical Romance too! I was in the front row and the shit kicked out of me! HAHA worth it!

  5. Found your blog through the sunday social link up.

    Following :)


  6. I loooved Britney back in the day!! I'll still listen to her older stuff from time to time!

  7. Love this! I just found you via the link-up. I'd love it if we followed each other!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  8. Amen to The Beatles, girl! I have a poster of them hanging in my classroom so my high school kids learn to appreciate them:)

  9. Enjoyed reading! New follower

  10. Haha I went through a tipp pants wearing phase! When I was about to link up , that was my first answer to that question that came to mind! I would also wear all black during that phase in middle school. Makes me cringe as well -__-

  11. I loved what you wrote about who you were in highschool. That was actually really beautiful!

    and omg I totally forgot about My Chemical Romance, and Sherwood and Mayday Parade...although now I'm totally dating myself because I was sooooo not in high school, however I did see all of those bands in concert as well. My Chemical Romance - uhhhhmazing in concert. I worked at a small venue so I got to see a lot of random and crazy stuff - big bands, close up. way cool. so glad to be a new follower...lovin your blog


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