I'm from Jersey... so you know what this is about.

Hurricane Sandy.
I'm currently located in Albany, NY.
Since we're pretty far inland, nobody is too concerned about us.
Classes are cancelled after 1:40 pm,
which is good for me because I have a late 7-10 class on Mondays.
But all of my family is in south Jersey - only an hour from any shore line -
so I ask that everyone pray for them that they stay safe,
and that everyone in general on the East Coast stays clear of Sandy's path.
My boyfriend is in Brooklyn, NY, and they're also supposed
to get hit pretty hard, so please extend your prayers to him and the other
thousands of people in the area.
And if you're from those areas, I'm praying for you.
And if you're from those areas, please open your hearts and homes not only
to fellow humans, but to all of God's animals as well.
Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds - local strays or family pets, please
keep them inside and safe from flooding. They can't protect themselves
as well as we can -- especially if you have your dog tied up outside.
Stay safe everyone, and please please send prayers and good thoughts
to the way of everyone in the way of the hurricane.

4 thoughts on “I'm from Jersey... so you know what this is about.

  1. I will definitely keep your friends/family/boyfriend in my prayers.

  2. Thinking of you and your loved ones during this crazy storm! I hope everyone is safe!


  3. thinking of you <3 love you.
    nai x


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