I Have Nothing to Write About... Oh, Boys Annoy Me

I find myself not ever knowing what to write.
I guess that's typical of bloggers, right?
But I feel like the more blogs I read, which -
mind you, nowadays is clear to none - the more I
notice that there are "planned" topics.
"Hi, I'm me, and my catchy post title is indicating
to you that I'm going to blog about my garden."
I don't know. You do understand though.
I really don't function like that when I'm busy.
Like, I can't just sit and plan a topic.
I just ramble.
As is evident in this.. well, "post" here.
And then I feel bad because it's not what
anyone who is following me is expecting.
Nonsense and mumbles, you know?
I think this kind of mentality is more Tumblrish.

And particularly when I'm in a bad mood,
these rambles just need to come out and I want to blog
about nothing. Oh.
I have a topic. Boys.
How annoying are they, really?
I have one that I think about too much and who
barely gives me the time I deserve.
I have another that I miss too much who never
remembers a damn thing I tell him,
so I feel unimportant to him.
And then the one who always picks fights with me
because he doesn't know how to talk to me
or handle himself.
God made me a strong woman, but He didn't make
me have the patience of a saint. So I'm losing it quickly.
Let me be like Taylor Swift and write an amazing song
about these relationships of mine.

One thoughts on “I Have Nothing to Write About... Oh, Boys Annoy Me

  1. ugh. boys are hard to get along with! Until you find the perfect one to be your husband... I promise things will get better :)



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