Today, I'm not Nineteen.

 Aw thanks, Google.
So in order to celebrate my twentieth birthday today

*throws confetti*

I want to share with you a bunch of things about myself,
because a lot of you are relatively new followers,
and I've not had much time to blog as of late.
So a present for you on my birthday:
things you don't need to know about me!

» "In My Life" by The Beatles is my favourite song.

» I wear my socks inside out, if I'm ever actually wearing shoes.

» I hate wearing pants. Every single person in my suite, including honorary suite-mates, has seen my booty at some point.

» My least favourite colour is yellow; it reminds me of dead grass and urine.

» Quality Time and Acts of Service, incredibly close together, are my love languages. (If you don't know what these are - love languages - we need to have a life-changing talk.)

My big and I

» I wake up every day at 3 and 6am to pee. I have the bladder of an eighty year old woman. I'm not allowed to have bigger than "small" beverages on long car rides.

» I'm mostly Italian and Croatian, which I take a lot of pride in an tell people. But I'm also French and German, things I generally don't mention.

» My dad and I used to wake my brother up just to see what weird things he would say still half asleep. His dreams were cray.

» I have a habit of becoming close to people whose birthday is near mine (former best friend Ashley - November 13th; boyfriend Oscar - November 15th; close friend Rebecca - November 16th; my aunt Marlene - November 17th.)

» I'm doubling majoring with English because I like it, not because I want to pursue it.

Me the other night. Lost my normal headphones! :)

» I was in the hospital for three days nameless because up until I was born, I was supposed to be a boy.

» I had an unnerving obsession with left-handed individuals, particularly males.

» Pre-vegan, my favourite drink was a mixture of French Vanilla and Hot Chocolate gas station cappuccinos by my old house. Seriously, most delicious thing ever - Starbucks cannot compete.

» Up until I moved out of my mom's house (freshman year of high school), I never used my cell phone. I made my parents remove my minutes so that I was able to have a home phone instead.

» The first DVD that I purchased through my own efforts was The Newsies.

Campfire at a recent Christian retreat

» I'm a size 9½ in women's shoes, and a size 10 in flip flops.

» I literally feel like the most accomplished person ever when I kill a bug on my own.

» My first pet was a hamster named Alana. She was alive for four years before dying from internal bleeding.

» The surest way to make me not like you is to blow me off.

» My favourite Disney character is the Cheshire Cat.

2 thoughts on “Today, I'm not Nineteen.

  1. I'm not a fan of the color yellow either! But I pretty much never kill bugs on my own--that's a little too ambitious for me. :P Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!!! I hope you had a great day!


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