This is Not About the Election

This weekend, I attended a Christian retreat with Campus Ambassadors.
We were separated into small groups, and mine ended up being,
"Will I turn out like my parents?"
At first I was disappointed because it was my third choice - the choice that
I felt I could contribute to, not gain anything out of.
But I knew God had a plan for me and as I expected,
I didn't gain anything - but I know I was able to help at least one person
see some things differently, and it was nice to see others change.

I think this is a really interesting topic, Christian or not.
Will your life turn out like your parents? We decided it was plausible.
Everyone has a choice to be above the mistakes,
but we can't do that unless we acknowledge that mistakes can happen.
For example, you can say, "I would never cheat on my husband."
But the possibility is out there; if you acknowledge,
"I would never cheat on my husband, but I live in a world where
it's completely possible that I could fall and make that mistake,"
then I feel like you're more set not to fall into that trap.
You can't ignore the elephant in the room and then be surprised
when he steps on your foot.

I know that it's possible. I know that I have a temper like my mom's.
I know that I have a no mercy policy like my father.
I know I hold grudges like my grandfather.
I acknowledge that I have these negative characteristics.
But I also acknowledge that I have a huge, generous heart like my mom.
And a drive and strength like my father.
And an ability to calm others like my great grandmother.
Legacies will always be passed down, but it's up to us
to figure out how to react.
When I know I'm participating in a negative legacy of my family,
I stop that behavior immediately and try to respond differently.
You can do it, too.

What traditions do you thank your parents for? Dislike them for?
Do you see them in how you behave and believe?
It doesn't have to be a bad thing.
But when it is, you don't have to own it.
Don't hold on to what holds you back.
Be more than your lineage.
No family is perfect; this goes all the way back to The Fall in Genesis.
But like in the case of Saul and Jonathan, we don't have to be like our family.
God equips us to overcome any chains that bind us.

And truthfully, I never felt freer from my past than when I accepted Christ.

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