Merry Christmas, Poor Elton... What's Elf on the Shelf?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, kittens.
It's been ages and a day -- it feels good to be writing again!

I love this season.
I was caught in the first snow today in Jersey,
and it was beautiful - especially since I had a nice 16 oz cup
of hot chocolate to warm me up while I braced the flurries!
The snow, the smell of the air, the church services.
Everyone I know *actually* cares during this year, and I couldn't
be happier to see so many people beginning to follow Our Saviour
this holiday season.

I do want to take a minute to
offer a prayer for all of those who are suffering from the loss of
a loved one this Christmas, be it those in the CT shooting or in your
own home. It's so hard, but remember that His mercies are upon you and
that if you only ask, His peace will fill your hearts with the void your
loved one left behind.

I'm spending my holiday with my mom, dad, and boyfriend Oscar.
We're visiting my brother in rehab as well, but otherwise it's just us.
Our little tree is a tad pathetic; we had to put it on a basket
so as not to be overpowered by the gifts.
I think I'll name him Elton. Poor Elton, the little dear.
My dad tried to put a ball on him and he toppled over :x

Also, what's this Elf on a Shelf business?
It was involved in a game of charades I played, and then at
B&N I saw a game sporting the title.
What gives? Why is this Elf on a shelf?

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and God bless!
What are you doing this Christmas?
Look for a post soon on New Years resolutions (mine!)
I'm going to make it a link-up, so be ready with a list of yours
*and* how you plan on achieving them! :)

Poor thing. 

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