New Years LINK-UP

Howdy ya'll. Happy New Year!
I hope you're ringing in 2013 with those you love,
or at least those you like if you're stuck at work.
(You're crazy -- go home!)

I want to thank you all for coming with me this year,
and for staying even when school got the best of me and I
barely had time to even touch Blogger.
I also want to thank the Lord for everything He's blessed me
with, and pray that 2013 is a smoother year for everyone
because this one was full of sadness towards the end.

So, New Years resolutions.
What's your take on them? Love them but never pull through?
Hate them and don't make them?
Make them and slowly work your way through them?
I'm more of the latter. I do love making resolutions because
it gives me a chance to grow.
I have quite a few that I plan to work towards, but my goal
is to complete at least four.
Let's be realistic - life gets in the way!
So go ahead and link up with your resolutions.
I want to know!
Maybe we can inspire one another ;)

Here are a few of mine:

Link up!

2 thoughts on “New Years LINK-UP

  1. Happy New Year, Elise!
    Good luck with your resolutions. :]


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