A Name Change & Opportunity for You

Good evening! It's always such a long time, isn't it? That's life I think. Anyway, welcome to the new blog. It's new in that a) I really need to download a photo editing program so I can make a pretty header and b) there's a new name. Formerly called "The Jersey Flower," I've changed the blog to "How Quaint." I love the old name, but I want to try to go in a new direction. With so many things coming up and so much change happening, I need a positive outlet to share it. Positive being the key word.

The name comes from a running joke in my family. Well, minus my brother and plus my boyfriend Oscar. We went to, I believe, Smithsville two years ago and every little thing my mom said "how quaint." It became really funny and we teased my mom about it. Now, years later, we still crack jokes. When I really sat down to think about it, I realized that quaint is a good way to describe my life. Google defines it as "attractively unusual," and as my life is a series of misunderstandings and happenings I never intended, I think it fits.

On another note, I realize that it's been so long and I have readers who maybe know nothing about me! Don't be shy. I'd really like to have my next post be an honest and open communication between me and you - and it's going to be suuuuuper awkward if nobody responds! SO. Please feel free to ask me questions below that you would want somebody to know about you :) Or you can email me at e.tiralli@gmail.com with "How quaint questions" in the subjectline, some variation of that.

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