Why Polish Your Post?

I've been looking around at blogs the last week. Something that always threw me with blogging was how polished some posts come off. It makes me question the authenticity of a blogger if their life seems too perfect. You've never stubbed your toe? C'mon now. I admire sunshine in a person. I love positive people because truthfully, it can always be worse and there are so many blessings to account for that we often ignore. But no life is "perfect," even if it is perfect for you.

I like to see anger in posts. I like to see goofiness. I like to see honesty. I like to see an open heart. I think it makes a blog worth reading. Now, I don't have a ton of room to talk as I've been inactive on this website for quite a time to the point that loyal followers now don't pay attention - and that's totally fine, blogging has to be about me. BUT, I know what I want to see and I know that the blogging community lacks it often. It's a big part of why I don't stay around all of the time.

This post is not meant to call anyone out or be negative, by any means! Rather, it's to ask: why polish a post? Grammar aside, let yourself come out in your posts. Don't worry about how aggressive you sound, or if it seems whiny, or if you're just flabbergasted with excitement. Real people living real lives is more of an inspiration than the perfect person. People read you, not necessarily the image you want to sell. Be YOU! Don't polish. I promise you're more perfect when you're not trying to be. Just food for thought!

Side note, if you know any blogs that -are- real, pass them my way!

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