Friday: Things I Want

It's nice to window shop - digitally or physically! I've had some time on my hands while I look for a job for the summer, and I've been looking at a lot of clothes and other things that I like, but obviously cannot afford. (And more appropriately, from stores that I have coupons for. Full price my butt!)

Hmm as I reviewed this I noticed that different shades of blue and green are catching my eye. Very odd - I rarely wear the colours!

what? nicole by NICOLE MILLER® Print Tube Dress

price? $35.00 (regular price) // $26.25 (my price) *
why? It's really cute, light, and flowy. One person who reviewed it suggested that it works for a multitude of shoe styles and hey - when you need to get a small tan, a dress like this is perfect for warm weather.

what? Liz Claiborne Satin Chemise or Kimono
where? JCPenney
price? $16.00 (regular price) // $12.00 (my price) *
why? Every girl needs a soft, silky lingerie type slip to just relax in. I prefer them better than robes!

* I used to work for JCP and my father still does, so as a part of his immediate family I still get a discount card for 25%! Benefits of working at retail store with clothing, haha :)

what? Colorblock Placket woven shirt (comes in three colours)
where? Wet Seal
price? $24.50 (original price) // $17.15 (current sale price; almost everying is 30% off)
why? It's cute, stylish, soft on the eyes, and I think a good shirt to wear casually or around the shore. I don't like my arms enough to actually buy it if I could, but it's a nice shirt.

what? Sari Sandals in white
where? Bakers Shoes
price? $39.00 (regular price)
why? I hate shoe shopping with a passion and feeling constricted, but I do love sandals. They're very simple and clean and I think they're quite pretty. I have beat-up flip flops at the moment so these would be an improvement for sure.

what? Arizona Belt (the blue one is really pretty, too!)
where? Charming Charlie's
price? $14.97 (regular price)
why? I usually don't never wear green, even though it's the closest to my favourite colour, but I really like this belt. I have a few longer black shirts that it would help offset around the waist.

what? Sky Stone stretch bracelet set of 3
where? Charming Charlie's
price? $14.97 (regular price)
why? It's so cute. I don't know.

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