Wisdom Teeth: OWWW

So I've never really had to deal with wisdom teeth much, but at nineteen, I guess I should have started. My bottom right jaw began to bother me a bit a few months ago but subsided quickly. When I poked around I felt little shards coming in, figuring there was a tooth there.

In the past two days I went from having no pain to excruciating pain this morning, where my painful, swollen tooth/gum woke me up periodically throughout the night.

I tried swishing with salt water yesterday and that worked, but today... not so much. I looked around for some home remedies people had for pain and luckily I'm starting to see some results. Still, I asked my dad to make an as-soon-as-possible-dad-i'm-dying appointment with my dentist so hopefully I'll be able to get taken care of soon. (I'm pretty positive I have a small cavity on the opposide side of my mouth too, so that'd be nice to get taken care of.)

So far this morning I've:

  • Rinsed the painful area with a sea salt and water solution. [It helped yesterday, especially when I followed twenty minutes after by brushing my teeth and took two Ibuprofen.]
  • Rinsed  my mouth with ProHealth mouth wash.
  • Took two Ibuprofen.
  • Took a Sucretes throat losenger and placed it in my lower right jaw, incredibly close to the swollen area.
So far, the pain is significantly decreasing but still there. Hoping this throat losenger numbs the area ASAP. Somebody else also recommended crushing the losenger and putting it in the affected area, and another suggested a baking soda and water solution.

Hopefully a dentist can solve the problem for good. It's not good to leave any pain or infection untreated.

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