I'm a Christian so normally I got to church on Sundays but tonight I was short of a ride. Even so, that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate my God's presence in the absence of being at church because honestly? A building isn't church - people are a church. Today I'm my own little church, lol :)

And I want to thank God for some awesome opportunities he's thrown my way this last semester of my freshman year at University, because often I can get caught up in the little things. That's been happening a lot lately - even today I woke up relatively aggravated! (P.S. You should usually expect God-ish postings on Sundays but fret not if you're not fond of this. The other days of the week I use to vent and share other things.)

"This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battiselli
I listen to this song when I need a remember of how blessed I am.

Thank you God for...
A research lab assistant position with the Weight and Eating Disorder Laboratory on campus. For those who don't know, although Social Psychology is my intended doctorate, I eventually want to work in a facility with men and women who suffer from eating disorders. Working here is such an amazing opportunity -- I can even conduct my own research in a few years. I don't yet know if I receive a stipend yet, but I'll pray about that one 'cause I could really use it!

Thank you God for...
A UA Women's Collective feminism position. I feel so strongly about women's studies and to be a member of Collective at my University is something amazing. Basically I'll be teaching a Feminisms 101 class in the Spring 2013 semester. I'm so excited :) p.s. The picture is from a flickr page, I linked it to the photo!

Thank you God for...
For collecting all As this semester, even if two of them came up as A-s. I'm incredibly thankful for that because last semester's GPA sucked for me and this time at least I got a 3.88 even if it's not the 4.0 I've been used to. It took a lot of hard work and tears to achieve this but I knew God would provide.

Thank you God for...
My room-mate who, although knows how to frustrate to me beyond limits that I never knew I had, has helped me through some different patches these last few months, like my break up with Noel and a close family friend dying from an overdose. Maria disappoints me a lot, and sometimes I really don't want to be bothered, but I know that she's a good person and will listen to me piss and moan when I really need to let things go. She's done a lot for me in general over the year, from sharing her things to giving me a hug when I burst out into tears.

Thank you God for...
An amazing boy called Oscar who treats me like diamonds and then some. We get into fights over really dumb things but overall I know that God's placed him in my life for purposes that I'm still figuring out. He's honestly like my other half and I would not have gotten through this year without him - period. I tell him everything, including all of the times he upsets me and makes me want to wring his neck, and he still manages to adore me. We're not -official- yet but maybe that will be soon.

Thank you God for...
Helping my relationship with Mandee. We got close my senior year of high school but I was always mad at for her something because she was bad with keeping plans and was never there for me like I was for her. But over the course of freshman year we got incredibly close and now I know she's really there for me in the long run. She knows things about me now that none of my other "best friends" (hate that word) know and I'm confident that it's going to stay that way. I'm so proud of all she's doing!

Thank you God for...
(THIS IS SUCH AN OLD PICTURE OMG) Allowing me to maintain a friendship with Noel. I'm still working on getting over feelings for him, but that's what happens when you and your first love stop dating. He's a precious gem and I'm an idiot for giving him up, but this is what I think is best and what God wants for me. I pray every night for Noel to be healthy again (like I said, this is an old photo) and that we can stay best friends through all of this.

and finally for today:
Thank you God for...
My mom's six month sobriety. It's been a long journey.

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